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We respond quickly to your requests on feasibility, timelines, project costs or BIM expertise.

Tel : 06 81 19 96 87

An architect serving innovation.

Alfred Challoub, Architect, Project Manager

& BIM Consultant

Alfred created Talis Architects in 2003

After 20 years of experience, Talis expertise is unanimously recognized in the field of architecture, planning and construction.

He regularly provides expertise on Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies offering consultancies in various public and private institutions for training or guidance on a BIM process adapted to their work process.



He has published several articles on the subject

Revit Architecture Certified Professiona
bim training paris

 We intervene in the field of Architecture, BIM and consulting 

1 - Architecture :

We provide expertise from project design to project management and execution, in line with budget and timelines as well as the specifics of each client

2 - BIM training :

We provide training to our fellow colleagues’ architects, engineers, technicians, to enable them to master the BIM on Revit in a record time. This is our challenge.

3 - Consulting

We provide support to companies, in the implementation of a BIM process adapted to their needs, or to gradually migrate to BIM without any loss in productivity.

revit training paris
revit training paris
revit training paris
Architecte Formateur Revit Paris london brussel
bim training paris

BIM leads to innovation in architecture.

After the drawing table, the 2d/3d with CAD softwares and now the BIM going much further in innovation, a process used for long in aeronautic and industry, now used in the building  technology.

Some adapt and others resist innovative approaches, for the training and investment required;  But afterwards, it becomes magical.

This is what I have been practicing for the last 7 years,  using BIM and Revit since 2011. I have also been a trainer for several national companies and today I am offering my expertise as a consultant to many companies.


Alfred challoub, Architecte formateur Paris



New technology applied to

project: Virtual visit

Training and Consulting BIM

Paris - Londres - Bruxelles

After having conducted training for a large number of national brands, given the complexity of BIM, we now favor small formats of 3, 4 trainees for more efficiency and exchanges.

The goal is that at the end of the training, trainees are operational, this is our challenge ...

bim training paris

We prefer smal groups for BIM training 

It is More efficient

And, that is  all  difference 

bim training paris

Our added values

Why a consultant?

Cross functional skills

A consultant with a strong network of expertise is a guaranty of success

20 years of experience in France and internationally on various types of projects

Quality exchanges

Project monitoring

High quality of exchanges through document synthesis and exchange with internet cloud

Project monitoring is ensured and extended beyond the service provided.

Lest's Talk about your project 

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ADRESS & Email

Alfred Challoub, Architect

BIM Consultant
11 rue Dantzig - 75015 Paris

Email :

Tel :

We provide support to complete your financing request ensuring a personalized quote within 1 h.
Alfred CHALLOUB Architecte, Consultant Revit Paris london brussel
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